Stitching at Qasim Weaving


The stitching stage holds extreme significance to ensure that the product takes its shape according to the requirements. In itself a highly specialized field, stitching requires care and precision.

Qasim Weaving's stitching units see cloth automatically spread out and cut through sophisticated machinery. Equipped with the necessary high-speed precision stitching machines, the trained workforce moulds the fabrics into different sizes and shapes for varying requirements across diverse markets.

Machinery Overview

Lock Stitching Machines

  • Single Needles Manual (Juki / Golden Wheel / Shingong / Singer / Brother)
  • Single Needles Auto (Juki / Golden Wheel)
  • Two Needle Machines (Juki / Golden Wheel / Brother / Gepsew)
  • Bartack Machine (Juki / Chinki))

Chain Stitching Machines

  • Safety Machines (Juki / Golden Wheel / Pegasus / Brother)
  • Blind Stitch Machines (Juki / Treasure / Precious / Tony)
  • Chainstitch 12 needle (Kansai / Golden Wheel / Vario-Matic / Siruba)
  • Chainstitch 25 needle (Vario-Matic)
  • Chainstitch 33 needle (Gepsew)

Metal Detector Machines

  • Metal Detector (Aolite / Hashima)