Processing at Qasim Weaving

A top quality product requires all the different processes to synergise in a perfect manner, creating something unique as a result. This philosophy is truly reflected in the processing stage at Qasim Weaving. With the latest, cutting-edge machines and equipment in use, the skilled professionals strive forward on their journey to be the best.

The processing unit is equipped with wider width:

  • Singeing, continuous Bleaching, Mercerizing, Continuous Thermosol Dyeing, Padbatch Dyeing, Continuous washing.
  • 24 colors Rotary Print Machine 2.8 meters,
  • 16 colors Rotary Print Machine 2.8 meters.
  • Stenters, Steam ager machine, Sanforising Machine, 2 Calendars, 8 Lamperti raising machines.