About Us

Qasim Weaving started its journey in 1996 – as a home textile Manufacturer & Exporter of Bed & Bath products under the superior leadership of its experienced entrepreneurs. We have been supplying quality textiles products to both fashion and institutional companies over decades. Qasim Weaving was aware of the fact that short lead time played a vital role in the modern Home Textile industry. So, it is located in Karachi the port city & attire manufacturing hub of Pakistan. Today, after over a decade of progression, Qasim Weaving is one of the pioneers in the textile industry of Pakistan and the prime choice of money for foreign retailers. It has grown from fabric manufacturer to leading exporter, with a massive capacity of producing textile made ups and tons of fabric per month.

Design & Development

Qasim Weaving can realize the swinging pendulum of the fashion world and can therefore adapt to the taste of trendy consumers. This keeps Qasim Weaving’s one step ahead of other Textile manufacturers. It has restructured its Sample Division into a Design & Development Unit. This fully-fledged section, headed by the expert, prepares all seasonal collections according to the latest market trends. Qasim Weaving insightful R&D team is always on the lookout for new types of fabrics and products. This helps the Design & Development team and results in better client management.

Quality Policy

Qasim Weaving is committed to providing high-quality Home Textile products to customers by:

  • Assurance of timely deliveries at any cost.
  • Ensuring our staff is properly trained to serve our customers.
  • Commitment to comply all legal and regularity requirements.
  • Continually improve its effectiveness of the quality management system (QMS).
  • Consistently meeting even exceeding their expectations for product quality and performance.

Quality Control Procedures

  • Upon confirmation of an order, approved samples, specifications, shade standards, and packaging guidelines have been handed over to Q/A department to start inspection process.
  • After lab test approval, the fabric lifted & received in-house fabric department.
  • Finish fabric complete lots were checked at checking tables & the sort by grading A, B & C before issuing for cutting.
  • All accessories are checked and approved before stitching is initiated.
  • Pre-production samples are inspected and took approval from a customer for the new order.
  • Inline / In-process audits are conducted on a continuous basis during production.
  • All procedures of quality and production are followed as per customer provided specifications and standards and coordinated with production, in order to avoid any issues at any stage.
  • Final Audits are then performed based on AQL levels.
  • As per contingent needs, basic lab tests are conducted from Lab.